Valentine's Day Poems

Valentine's Day Poetry:- It is not necessary that we all know the art of writing. Most of us feel very difficult to write a poem or a quote for someone. If you are such type of a person and want to send something romantic to your partner on this Valentine’s, then do not worry because we are providing a collection of romantic Valentine's Day poems for you. You can also get cute Valentine’s Day poems for him, friends, girlfriend etc., here.

Valentines Day Poems 2020

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Soft Valentine kisses.
Sweet Valentine wishes.
White chocolate covered dream.
You were made just for me.
Melting fast on snow or sand.
We are hand in hand.
Love’s unspoken pure bliss.
Dreams are made of this.
As we dance.
Starlight captures our romance.
Fire red and blazing.
Moon jealous and gazing.
We are one and we say…
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Romantic Valentines Day Poems For Him
Valentines Poems For Girlfriend

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"I love you all through February,
Not just on Valentine's Day!
I cherish you when flowers of spring,
Appear in the midst of May."

"I adore you in the summer,
When the air is filled with heat!
Without you in my life each day,
I wouldn't be complete."

"I treasure you in fall,
When leaves are turning gold!
I loved you when you were younger,
I'll love you when you're old."

"I prize you in the winter,
When colder days are here!
I love you, love you all the time,
Every minute of the year."

"So I'll give to you this Valentine,
But I want to let you know!
It's not just today, but always,
That I will love you so."

Happy Valentine Poems
Happy Valentine's Day Poems

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Sitting next
to you is like taking
a sip of eternity,
the sun, the stars,
the sky, never tasted
so good

-Christy Ann Martine

I see her carry the weight
Of life all alone.
Even the burden of those
she once loved.
I am not asking her for much,
but to allow me to help
her carry it all.

-Pierre Jeanty

And her heart was the best part,
it would always calm the storm
for those who were afraid of
a little rain.

- R.M Drake

I can say with great certainty
and absolute honesty
that I did not know
what love was
until I knew
what love was not.

-P.T. Berkey

If it wasn’t love,
I don’t want to know what is;
I wouldn’t survive
a loss greater than this.

- Jessica Katoff

And if you are to love,
love as the moon loves;
it does not steal the night-
it only unveils the beauty
of the dark

- Isra- Al- Thibeh

A Wife’s Desire

I want to be your motivation, inspiration, and everything in between.
I want to be the reason for your smile, the one who turns your frown upside down.
I want to be the one you look up to and admire and the one you desire.
The voice in your heart, not your ear, telling you everything that you need, not want to hear.
I want to mean enough to you to be your solution to all life's ups and downs.
I want you to need me every morning when you wake up, during the day when you have had enough.
I want to feel your excitement to kiss me good night after your day has been so rough.
I need and want all these things from you because you're the only one who gets me through.
I love you more and more each day, it's true.
You have blessed me with a beautiful life, made together by both of us.
I need all these things from you because my most treasured title is your wife.

- Marybeth Rausch

Valentines Day Poems
Valentines Day Poems For Boyfriend

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